CERN Accelerating science

CERN Courier - February 2017
On the trail of the HL-LHC magnets

CERN Courier - March 2016
The LHC is restarting

CERN Courier - March 2016
Science with a medical PET cyclotron

CERN Courier - March 2016
‘First turns’ for SuperKEKB

Symmetry Magazine - March 2016
Why are particle accelerators so large?

CERN  Bulletin - March 2016
LHC Report: Back in operation

CERN Bulletin - November 2015
To High Luminosity and beyond!

The Cockcroft  Institute - October 2015
CI-led oPAC network holds accelerator conference in Seville

CERN Bulletin - September 2015
AWAKE starts the equipment installation phase

The Cockroft Institute - August 2015
Audience inspired at Laser and Accelerator Showcase

CERN Courier - August 2015
LHCb reports observation of pentaquarks

CERN Bulletin-June 2015
The miniature accelerator 

Symmetry - May 2015
LHC restart timeline

CERN Courier-Feb 2015
The International Year of Light

From Interactions- Feb 2015
CERN experiment brings precision to a cornerstone of particle physics

Physicsworld - Feb 2015
Filamentous laser beams point to new type of phase transition

LC Newsline- Feb 2015
CLICing into action

From Physicsworld- November 2014
Fermilab’s NOvA neutrino experiment kicks off

From CERN Courier- 27 October 2014
Muon g-2 storage ring starts a new life

From CERN Courier- 27 October 2014
Beams back at the Antiproton Decelerator

From CERN Courier- October 2014
An excellent start for the FCC collaboration

From LC newsline- October 2014
ILC cryo

From Symmetry-September 2014
Watching the ‘’clock’’ at the LHC

From Physics World-August 2014
Ion beams simulate nuclear-reactor damage

From CERN Courier-August 2014
Global strategies for particle physics

From CERN Courier-August 2014
Countdown to physics