CERN Accelerating science

Hollow electron lenses for enhanced LHC beam collimation

Hollow electron lenses as a promising method to improve the beam collimation system at the LHC. 

  Key highlights towards the High Luminosity LHC era

Highlights from the 4th Joint HiLumi LHC/ LARP Annual Meeting held in end November in KEK

Second test of HQ02: even better

Latest news about the 120 mm aperture Nb3Sn quadrupole (HQ) developed by the US LHC Accelerator Research Program for the QFX of the HL-LHC era.

One step closer to the 11 Tesla dipole magnet

Recent news on the 11 T dipole project from CERN and Fermilab with tests results on the 2-metre-long model.

World-record current in the MgB2 superconductor

Members of the CERN Superconductors team achieved a world-record current in MgB2 superconductor.

Crab Cavity RF System

As part of the HL-LHC upgrade, a conceptual RF system layout for a local crab crossing scheme has been presented.

Pile-up management at HL-LHC and Crab-Kissing

The HiLumi LHC Design Study investigates novel technologies and concepts to extend the discovery potential of the LHC.